Hiking trail

The abbey’s surroundings are not only very beautiful, they also look different in every season. If you love getting out into nature, you should definitely come here for a walk, alone or with family and friends. Click on the map at the bottom and discover the story of Westmalle.


Farm: Trappist cheese

We make our Trappist cheese using the delicious milk from our own cows. This is done using traditional methods and without any colouring or preservatives.



The semi-hard Westmalle cheese has a very low salt content: less than 1%. There are three varieties: the 2+, 6+ and 12+ cheeses have been matured for two, six and twelve months respectively.



Fancy discovering our cheese? You can buy it at Café Trappisten or at the abbey gate (open every day except Sundays and public holidays). You can find sales outlets near you here.



>> Walk on to the end of the long abbey wall. On the right, you will see two large meadows surrounded by a fence. With luck, you will see a large number of sheep in the meadows. At the end of the wall, turn left into the lane.

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