Hiking trail

The abbey’s surroundings are not only very beautiful, they also look different in every season. If you love getting out into nature, you should definitely come here for a walk, alone or with family and friends. Click on the map at the bottom and discover the story of Westmalle.


St Bernard’s chapel

During World War II, two British bombers crashed near the abbey. The sad toll was 13 dead.


In memory of the fallen airmen and out of gratitude that the abbey had been spared, the fathers erected St Bernard’s chapel in 1947. Note the stained-glass windows by Victor Van Mil, a Dutch Trappist. The windows show the coats of arms of Belgium, the Royal Air Force and Abbot Robertus Eyckmans.

>> When you come to an intersection of two avenues, you will see an information board on the left. Turn right into the lane that runs parallel to the water in front of the long abbey wall.

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