Hiking trail

The abbey’s surroundings are not only very beautiful, they also look different in every season. If you love getting out into nature, you should definitely come here for a walk, alone or with family and friends. Click on the map at the bottom and discover the story of Westmalle.


Café Trappisten

There’s no better place to start your walk than at Café Trappisten! These days, you can enjoy a freshly poured Trappist beer or a tasty dish at the café, but things used to be different.

Long ago, the Huis ten Halve grocery shop stood here, exactly halfway between Antwerp and Turnhout. In 1841, the property came under the ownership of the abbey and then, in 1923, it became a café. The owners paid the monks a sum of money by way of rent, as well as two carts of manure and a bottle of gin. After a thorough renovation, the cosy Café Trappisten as we know it today opened in 2008.

>> Now cross the Antwerpsesteenweg – carefully! – via the zebra crossing. Go down the lane leading to the abbey. After a while you will see St Bernard’s chapel on your left, a little way down the lane.

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