Hiking trail

The abbey’s surroundings are not only very beautiful, they also look different in every season. If you love getting out into nature, you should definitely come here for a walk, alone or with family and friends. Click on the map at the bottom and discover the story of Westmalle.


Abbey: life as a monk

Above the entrance gate to the abbey is a Latin text. Freely translated, it means: “Whoever does not do penance will die. Everyone in the same way.”

Life inside the abbey walls follows a set pattern. The monks pray and chant together six times a day in church. In between, they study and meditate, do odd jobs and work in the cheese dairy or bakery. This is because they live by the Rule of St Benedict, which means they have to roll up their sleeves and provide for themselves.



You cannot visit the abbey, but the guesthouse is open to visitors seeking peace and reflection. You are also welcome to attend the prayer services and the Eucharist.



>> Feel free to pop into our abbey shop. You can buy our cheese there, as well as other Trappist products and a selection of books and religious articles.

Discover more

Sit in Café Trappisten and watch the film about the brewery, free of charge, while you enjoy sampling Westmalle cheese and beer.

Experience more in Malle or in the Campine region.

>> Continue along the block path towards Café Trappisten, where you can sit and quietly relax.

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