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The abbey of Westmalle

Get to know our Trappist abbey

Our abbey is part of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, but many know us primarily as Trappists.
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Recharge at our guesthouse
You can spend a few days staying at our guesthouse in peace and quiet, in harmony with the rhythm of the monks.
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Take part in our prayer services
You are welcome in our church to pray and celebrate with us.
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Westmalle trappistenbier Extra, Tripel en Dubbel in café

Step into our brewery

Our brewery is very modern, yet completely adapted to the traditional brewing process. At Westmalle, we aim to achieve a balance between innovation and tradition. We use the latest techniques but still want to see, test and taste everything for ourselves.

The brewery is located within the walls of the Trappist abbey. The monks set policy and oversee its implementation. They use the income to live on and to reinvest in the brewery. Surplus profits are shared with other Cistercian abbeys and donated to charitable causes.

Discover our brewery
Westmalle trappistenbier Extra, Tripel en Dubbel packshots

Our Trappist beers: Extra, Dubbel and Tripel

Three Trappist beers, each with their own character, brewed using natural ingredients under the monks’ watchful eye.

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Our Trappist cheeses: two, six and twelve months old

Westmalle Trappist cheeses guarantee delicious moments of delight and pair well with our Trappist beers.

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Experience Westmalle

From a relaxing walk to a cosy moment in Café Trappisten:
come taste, discover and above all enjoy.

Walking around the abbey

The area around our Trappist abbey looks different every season. If you like to get out and about in nature, you should definitely come here for a walk.

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Westmalle trappistenbier Dubbel van het vat

Enjoy Café Trappisten

A visit to Westmalle is not complete without stopping at Café Trappisten. Here you can enjoy our Extra, Dubbel and Tripel as well as numerous abbey specialities.

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Visit our brewery shop

In the brewery shop you will find our beers, gift packs, glasses and a number of souvenirs.

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Let Malle Tourism inspire you

Looking for a fun day out in Westmalle and the surrounding area? The tourist office in Malle will be glad to help you.

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Our food truck is coming to you

Give your event that extra touch with our food truck: authentic, atmospheric and loved by your guests or customers.


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