Visit Westmalle brewery

Sold out!

The 1,500 tickets were out the door in minutes. Your interest in Westmalle has exceeded our wildest dreams. It is so heartwarming to witness this massive interest. Thank you all.

As with our Trappist beer, we choose quality over quantity. That is why we have set our maximum capacity at 1,500 seats, so that we can receive everyone in a high-quality manner at this first edition.

For those who experienced problems with payment, we would like to clarify that our server capacity was sufficient. However, the demand for tickets was too high for the number of available places. As a result, not every application could be successfully completed or paid for.

We understand that this can be disappointing for those who would have liked to participate.

For those who were unable to secure a ticket now, there will probably be another chance next year. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media so we can keep you updated.