Hiking trail

The abbey’s surroundings are not only very beautiful, they also look different in every season. If you love getting out into nature, you should definitely come here for a walk, alone or with family and friends. Click on the map at the bottom and discover the story of Westmalle.


Brewery: maturation and storage

Underneath the collection area for empty beer tanks there is a large cellar where the beer ferments in bottles for three weeks at a constant temperature of 20°C. This re-fermentation gives the beer its full flavour and alcohol content.

Useful information: Westmalle beer is best stored in the dark at a temperature of 9 to 14°C. Place the bottles upright. This keeps the yeast at the bottom and enables you to pour a nice, clear beer. Leave about 1 cm in the bottle: that yeast bottom is nice to taste separately.


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