The new Westmalle Extra glass: a tribute to tradition and innovation

At Westmalle we love tradition, but we are not afraid of innovation either. The new glass for Westmalle Extra is a great example of this combination. In this blog post, we take you on the journey we took to create this special glass.


A new glass for a unique beer

The Westmalle Extra, with its lower alcohol content, deserves a glass that does full justice to the beer’s unique characteristics. Therefore, a while ago the idea arose to design a new glass specifically for the Extra.

The design process started with a dive into our history. We found inspiration in the old conical Westmalle glasses from the 1920s and 1930s. These glasses, without bases and often with enamel prints and silver rims, formed the basis for our new design. It was important for us to create a glass that both honoured tradition and was modern and contemporary.

Productie nieuw Extra glas

From design to production

Production of the new glass took place in Portugal, a country with a long tradition of glass blowing and processing. The glasses are formed in a mould and then decorated in Belgium. Here, each colour is applied individually and then baked in a long oven for several hours. This careful process results in a glass of exceptional quality and durability, with beautiful details such as the AW logo in the bottom and the enamel decoration.

Details that make the difference

What really sets this new glass apart is the combination of historical and modern elements. Most trappist glasses today have a chalice shape, but for the new glass, we wanted to return to the conical shapes from the past.

The glass has a smooth, rounded exterior with enamel decoration and an interior with ten facets and the measuring mark. The bottom features the AW logo, and the bottom rim reads ‘gebrouwen binnen de muren van de trappistenabdij’ which means ‘brewed within the walls of the Trappist abbey’. This detail is one of the conditions for using the brand name ‘trappist’, as monitored by the International Trappist Association (IVT).

A rich tradition of Westmalle glasses

Westmalle has always had special glasses. Because Westmalle brewed one of the first speciality beers, the monks felt that this special beer also deserved a special glass. Their search for the perfect glass brought them into contact with several glass manufacturers who wanted to show off their craftsmanship. The monks were so charmed by the work that they placed several orders, leading to a diverse range of glasses.

Meanwhile, it has been some time since another new Westmalle glass came on the market. With the new Extra glass, we are adding a wonderful new member to the family.

For beer lovers looking for a glass that is both functional and beautiful, the Westmalle Extra glass offers the perfect drinking experience. Cheers to the tradition and unique taste of Westmalle Extra!