Westmalle Extra

Refreshing, light and full of flavour.

Westmalle Extra may have a low alcohol content of 4.8%, but it has a surprisingly full-bodied flavour. This golden-blond Trappist beer is very refreshing and thirst-quenching. With its fruity notes and rich aroma, Westmalle Extra delivers a taste experience that is very much Westmalle.

This is one of Westmalle Abbey’s oldest beers. In 1836, the monks started brewing a light, tasty beer for their own consumption. It was from this tradition that Westmalle Extra was born.

Our Trappist beer carries the international Authentic Trappist Product label. Read what that means here.

The Tripel through the eyes of our brewer

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Bitterness 30 EBU
Alcohol 4,8 %
Colour 8 EBC
Density 12 ° plato


Top fermentation with re-fermentation in the bottle


6 European flower hop varieties



Bottles of 33 cl





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