Our cheese

The taste of our Trappist cheese

We make one single type of cheese, which comes in three varieties. Only the age of the cheese is different: they are matured for two, six or 12 months. Over time, the taste and texture evolve naturally. All of the cheeses are low in salt.

Westmalle cheese works at any time of day: in a sandwich, used in a recipe, grated to melt over a baked dish, and, of course, as a snack with a Westmalle ExtraDubbel or Tripel.

Westmalle 2+


Two months in the ripening chamber result in a creamy, semi-hard Trappist cheese with the aroma of creamy butter and a mild taste.

Westmalle 6+


If you prefer a stronger flavour then you are bound to enjoy this six-month-old cheese. This firm cheese has a lovely aroma and a balanced taste.

Westmalle 12+


This cheese is the result of twelve months’ patient waiting during which the cheeses are turned every day. This cheese with its vivid colour, strong aroma and complex flavour is worth waiting for. It is zesty rather than salty, like some aged cheeses.