The monastic day

A day in the life of a monk consists of prayer, work and rest. The hours of the Eucharist, offices and meals are fixed. They organize the rest of the time themselves.

vigils (the night watch)4u004u00
lectio divina/ reading meditation/ personal prayer/ breakfast for the monks5u005u10
lauds (morning prayer)7u007u00
breakfast for guests7u357u35
manual labour for the monks 7u35-
quiet time-7u35
terce (morning prayer) + Eucharist10u4510u00
quiet time11u3011u15
sext (noon prayer)-12u15
midday meal (monks)12u0012u30
midday meal (guests)12u3012u30
midday rest/ quiet time12u3013u00
nones (afternoon prayer)14u00-
vespers (evening prayer)17u1516u00
quiet time-16u50
evening meal18u00(from ) 17u40
quiet time18u3018u30
compline (night prayer)19u3019u30

The hours of the Eucharist, prayer services and meals are fixed. In the intervening hours the monks must arrange their own schedule. For example, if you are unable to devote time to reading or personal prayer due to work commitments in the morning, you will fit this in at another moment of the day.

These quiet times must be spent on reading and personal prayer in silence. Unless they are required for the necessary labour, quiet periods on a Sunday – on the advice of St Benedict – must be wholly spent on reading, individual reflection, meditation or personal silent prayer.