The meal

Plain but nourishing

Meals are plain but there is always enough food to go around and the dishes are nourishing. In this way the monks follow the advice of St Bernard: “Maintain the good health of your body so you can serve your Creator even better!” Monks traditionally abstain from meat.

Our own Trappist produce is served at the table. This includes the abbey bread (bakery), the cheese (our cheese) and Westmalle Extra.

While the meal is taken one of the monks reads aloud from a book to provide spiritual nourishment from the Word as well as physical nourishment. The readings are primarily from religious works but other topics may include current societal and cultural subjects.

Sharing with guests

The abbey also has guest accommodation, where anyone is welcome to spend several days in contemplation and prayer. Guests are invited to follow the daily schedule of the monks as far as is possible.