The Cistercians

De drie oprichters van het klooster van Cîteaux: van links naar rechts, Stephen Harding, Saint Robert van Molesme en Saint Alberic.

The Order of the Cistercians is a monastic order founded in 1098 by Robert of Molesme in Cîteaux in Burgundy. The Latin name for Cîteaux is Cistercium, which gave the Cistercians their name.

In 1098 Robert of Molesme, accompanied by around 20 Benedictine monks, travelled to the inhospitable area of Cîteaux with a view to establishing an abbey community. This was the start of a new order: the Cistercians. Their name is derived from the Latin name for Cîteaux: Cistercium.

The monks wanted to lead an austere, evangelical life and share everything amongst themselves out of a deep respect for each other, as described in the rule of St Benedict.

In the 12th century, under St Bernard of Clairvaux, the Order attracted a great many followers. The sermons and spiritual writings of St Bernard have made an indelible mark on Christian spirituality. 

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