Cistercian lay persons

Sharing in the Cistercian spirituality as a lay person

Once a month, a group of men and women meet at Westmalle Abbey who are associated with the abbey as a group of Cistercian lay persons. They form their own community, with their own chairperson, and are supported and guided by brothers from the abbey. The size of the group is limited to 20 persons.


If you would like to know more about this group, please contact Filip Witdouck (cistercië


“At our own rhythm, we follow the road of prayer in union with the Lord day after day. We do so in solidarity with the monks of Westmalle, with the other members of our Cistercian group and with all those in search of God within the society in which we live. By doing so, we keep in touch with events in the world both far away and nearby. We give a privileged place to the Eucharist and silent prayer or meditation. In this way, we are strengthened in our goal not to put anything above the love of Christ. When the time is right, we retreat into silence to find our peace in the Lord, like the founders of Cîteaux.”

From the Charter of the Cistercian lay persons’ group

  • Reflection on Cistercian texts
  • Monk with some laymen of the Cistercian society