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maturing cheese

Westmalle abbey has, in addition to a brewery and farm, also had a cheese-making facility since 1860. The monks make semi-hard, mature cheese. They do this without any help from external staff. This Trappist cheese is prepared in a traditional way with unprocessed, unpasteurised milk. It is lightly salted with a homogenous structure.

Just like the brewery, quality takes precedence here. Hence the monks only use 100% natural ingredients and milk from their own cows. They are thus certain of a fully controlled and reliable basic raw material. The cheese production proceeds as naturally as possible: unpasteuriseerd, full-cream milk, and no preservatives or colourings are added. Hence the colour is somewhat different in the period that the cows are grazing in the meadows, to when they are in the shed in winter.

The cheese is produced on a small scale. The monks sell this Trappist cheese at the gates of the abbey.