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dining room in the guest facilities

The practice of hospitality is the service that is most compatible with a secluded life. Alongside the work within the community, hospitality is a service to others ‘outside’ the community. The care of guests is an important part of the work of the monks.

Everybody who considers peace and quiet as beneficial is welcome to come for a few days for contemplation and prayer. The guest facilities are concentrated on individual retreat or reflection. If you are interested in a few days of contemplation like this and want to follow the schedule of the monks to a certain extent, then contact the guest brother.

The monks do not supervise any days of contemplation as they do in other abbeys (such as in the Norbertine abbeys) and in retreat homes. Groups are occasionally accepted, if they take care of their own supervision.

Outside the guest area, the abbey is not accessible. It is located on the N12 Antwerp-Turnhout road, between the village centres of Westmalle and Sint-Antonius-Zoersel. The abbey can easily be reached by public transport: De Lijn, bus 41.0 Antwerp-Turnhout with a stop at the ‘Trappist abbey’. From Antwerp there is a bus every half hour: on the hour and on the half hour.

Antwerpsesteenweg 496
B-2390 Westmalle
General telephone: 03 312 92 00
Guesthouse telephone: 03 312 92 09
Fax: 03 312 92 20